Ideal Subscriber Persona™ Optimization

Grow your subscription profits by identifying your Ideal Subscriber Persona and how to attract, convert and retain more of them.

Big Business Problem:

Why do some subscribers order from your brand for years, while others cancel after their first order? Even though they both cost you the same $$$ to acquire?


According to Drew Sanocki's $1B of DTC revenue + 20 years of experience: You must identify, acquire and retain your most profitable type of subscriber from the very start.

Enter: Ideal Subscriber Persona...

How we do it:

  1. Identify your highest LVT subscribers by segmenting out your highest LTV subscribers.
  2. Mine your customer data for their Conversion & Retention drivers
  3. Analyze this customer segment data to define your Ideal Subscriber Persona (ISP)
  4. Start testing your marketing and conversions, onboarding, and retention efforts to target your ISP
  5. Monitor cohort Conversion, Churn, and ultimately cohort CLV.
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