Why be GOOD to your subscribers?

Because it pays off in dollars & karma.

1. Subscriptions are not a website bolt-on, but a relationship based business.

You can’t expect to install an app, and have a successful subscription program. You need a good retention strategy.

You can’t expect someone to marry you, even after an amazing first date. Why are you expecting subscribers to stick around after you've stopped spending time on those relationships?

2. There are no quick wins in relationships.

Good subscription brands understand that a long term relationship with a subscriber is only possible with transparency, flexibility, and occasional pampering.

Good subscription brands understand the value of maintaining an existing relationships, rather than trying to create new ones all the time.

3. Churn has more impact on profit than acquisition.

Every single month you are losing your most profitable customers, while you were looking for new ones. It costs 5x more to sell to a new customer than it does to an existing one.

What if you spent as much effort on retention as you do on acquisition? Why are you willing to lose money to gain a new customer, and not spend that money to retain 3-5 existing ones?

4. Subscription conversion is the most valuable conversion in eCommerce.

On average, customer lifetime spend increases 2-4X once they become a subscriber.

At Good Subscription Agency we help you turn more site visitors into superfan subscribers.

5. Good subscription brands deserve their own type of agency.

Good Subscription Agency is a cancel anytime, subscription service. We work extremely close with our clients, and always prioritize long-term relationships.

Ready to be good?